About Us

ECODE Networks, the leader in Software Defined Networking Orchestration was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in London, England with offices in Palo Alto, California and Hyderabad, India.

Backed with a proven track record of Network Consulting, Ecode was seeded to foster network innovation by disruption by the means of Network Orchestration by abstraction. Although, Enterprise and Data Centers are prime area of the focus, but our orchestration techniques are also applied to the Cloud industry.

Traditional networks are configured with certain sets of functions which are distributed across devices from multiple vendors – a complex and inefficient approach with a high Capex/ Op ex model. The focus of network orchestration is on the creation and provisioning of a dynamic network profile, based on the user-intent. This enables provisioning of network services on an on-demand basis which not only reduces Capex, but also automates the operations.


In 2013, Company showcases the industry’s first intent based SDN Orchestrator in HP Discover, Las Vegas and the product shipping commences.

In 2014, Ecode’s Orchestration Engine (evolve) gets featured in launch of HP’s SDN App Store.

In 2014, Teneno, a UK-based Service Provider, is one of the first companies to have benefitted from using SDN orchestration as a means of simplifying network provisioning and operations.

In 2015, Ecode was selected to showcase in Open Networking Summit (ONS) in California. Leading to the successful customer PoCs.

In 2016, Customer acquisitions and PoCs underway.

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